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When Games Attack


"People have been saying it's the 'son of GamesMaster', but its much funnier."

When Games Attack - A Grown Up Show About Video Games That Isn't Afraid To Have Fun.

How fantastic is this! It's a new television show about games, it's focus is to be the funniest and most informed show about video games ever and it's not only hosted by Dominik but produced by ex-GM producer, Jonny Ffinch.

Joining Dominik as co-presenter is Caroline Flack, who some of young tykes might know as Bubbles from Bo Selecta, as well as the presenter of Bravo's Fash FC.

To celebrate this magical 'cracking TV just before Christmas time' era that is upon us, I bring you a brand new interview with Dominik. You can read that by going here.

A hearty good luck to them all. This deserves to be massive and at the very least reach cult status.

When Games Attack begins on Bravo on Monday 15 November at 10am and repeated later at 7.30pm
. It is shown every week day until the end of the year by the looks of it, but bear in mind there are only 20 episodes so if you miss one, you'll see it soon.


What about GamesMaster, Jack. Tell me. Tell me now or I shall scream.

You may be wondering what happened to the repeats of the show that started last year with Series 1. Well, here's an exclusive quote from a Challenge bloke:

"While I understand the point of view of many disgruntled Gamesmaster fans, we simply don't agree with the argument that it wasn't given a fair chance.
Gamesmaster was scheduled at 6:30pm weekdays (which is one of our highest performing slots) and was part of a big on-air promotional campaign alongside Knightmare. Its second and third runs were at 7:30pm (a slot now reserved for launching big commissions like Craig's Sushi TV and Ultimate Guinness World Records) so we feel with 3 peak-time attempts at trying to make it work we gave it the best chance possible.

Knightmare and Gamesmaster were given equal exposure, but ratings are the currency of the TV industry and while KM continued to rate well, GM did not. This isn't anything to do with the quality of either show; Some things stick, others don't. It's annoying (equally for us AND our viewers) but that's the nature of the business.

As always, we would never completely rule out purchasing another series of Gamesmaster in the future but until we have a stronger reason to do so other than popular opinion stating "Series 2 is better/longer than Series 1" we cannot justify buying more episodes of a series that failed to perform on our channel.

You'll have another chance to catch Series 1 of Gamesmaster at weekends from the 28th November."

So, there you have it. Catch the first series of the show from Sunday November 28th at 8.00am for a double bill of GamesMaster goodness. If you can be arsed to get up that early on a Sunday morning. For the insomniacs among you, catch the mid-morning repeat view on Monday November 29th at 4.30am.

If there's no ratings improvement, which is highly likely, I suggest we all camp outside Bravo and scream until it is shown.


That's your lot for now

Merry Christmas and bye!

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